The Brand’s portfolio presents an array of innovative, functional and highly adaptive products / modules
in order to create optimized and effective workspaces.
CTRL is total control over the workspace and enables total freedom in positioning and choosing size, functionalities, combination of materials and colours of individual modules. With an eye for design and functionality, its products are the perfect answer to world’s trends in holistic workspace solutions.

The philosophy of workspace design

All elements create a synchronized entity that perfectly adapts to the needs of an individual, working in a demanding working environment. A variety of CTRL modules represent an ideal basis for further development of a perfect working environment.


Individual tables

INDIVIDUAL WORKSPACES Full adaptability + exceptional work surface CTRL+W+D is an elegant modular system of tables, enabling full adaptability for...

Corner elements

More corners + More workspace More corners + More workspace Extended table is just like an extended hand of the...

Combined tables

Combined tables Workspace + workspace Modular design offers a multitude of combinations providing total freedom in formation of work teams...

elements 40 & 90

ELEMENTS 45 Space + Creative space With elements 45, work surface can be extended to any desired prolonged or completed...

Dividing spaces

Dividing spaces Space + Spaces Solution for dividing bigger spaces into smaller entities which keeps the privacy of individual units...

Combining units

Combination with storage units Work + order Combining work surfaces with storage units enables the proximity of everything You need...


UPPER PLEXIGLASS DIVIDERS I can see + I can’t see Privacy is the condition for successful work. Upper dividers represent...

Conference tables

Good start 9 AM + meeting + good ideas Conference tables enable comfort and firm foundation to build the best...


Save + open Drawers are the key element for save and transparent safekeeping of documents and other important belongings one...

Wall storage surfaces

Art piece + wall surface Business trophies, additional surfaces or exhibition of achievements. Wall storage surfaces are the perfect way...

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